Mothers Day Basket Giveay

Why We Do It

  • We are an 501c3 non-profit organization that provides direct support to women impacted by any type of cancer. We focus on nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being. The Survivor’s Nest, Inc. provides education and economic resources during and after treatment, and as a result patients and survivors live a healthier lifestyle.

  • This is primarily achieved through the TSN Scholarship program where participants are offered scholarships and or grants, in tandem with healthy living nutrition education. We provide women with knowledge and skills to help choose and consume healthy foods and beverages. Scholarships and or grants are used for gym membership, healthy groceries, chiropractic services, massages, and herbs/supplements.
  • The ultimate objective is to empower survivors to take a holistic approach to healing.

    The Survivor’s Nest, Inc. is a young and relentlessly organization that is determined to make a huge impact. The organization has received numerous awards and recognition for its work including the Bold Favor-Lifestyle Community Award, Caregiver of the Year Award and the "The Nonprofit Trinity Award", Health Advocacy.

The Survivor’s Nest, Inc is recruiting for Volunteer Board Members.

We are recruiting for new members to engage with the Directors of the organization on establishing policies and setting direction.

Gain leadership experience in governance, strategic planning, risk management, budgeting and much more. Positions are available starting NOW on all committees!


Join a Committee with The Survivor’s Nest, Inc.

  • Fundraising Committee

  • Outreach Committee

  • Board Development Committee

  • Event Committee

  • Grant Writing Committee

To apply send a quick cover letter and resume to: April Smith,